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Professionalism is ...

simply doing
what you are good at,
and openly discussing
what is not in your scope.

Peter Graessner

Change is an Opportunity for Progress
Expectations and requirements of products and services are becoming increasingly more individual and complex. At the same time, the average life cycle is decreasing to the extent that even portfolio and production standards are viewed in terms of project work. As a result, expectations and demands of people and technology alike are continually rising.

For this reason, computer scientist Peter Graessner has used his extensive professional and managerial experience to set up his own business (=>Company).
The prox team can be of most support to your business when content and projects need system support, like for example process changes, implementation or adaptation of IT installations and enhancement of project management.

The prox support provided goes above and beyond typical business consultation, bearing more resemblance to an all encompassing project managent approach.

If you require professional assistance with your project, we would be pleased to hear from you.